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Cleaning Aquarium Exterior - Tip - ​👓​

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The products by Fritz are really good and their exterior aquarium glass & acrylic cleaner doesn't disappoint.  

The type and size of cleaning cloth, to my preference that I like to use, is eye glass cleaning microfiber cloth.  

I have a scratch-prone, acrylic aquarium and that size cloth and texture is very nice.  These cloths clean all my tanks, both acrylic & glass easily and don't soak up or waste any extra product.

These microfiber cloths are made by many manufactures, inexpensive and can be easily found online.

They are reusable and washable, as well.

I found them to be much superior to just an ordinary paper towel or a cotton rag.





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5 minutes ago, RovingGinger said:

I currently use something like this (may be the same brand) - it’s a little more rigid than a eyeglass lens and texturally feels close to a magic eraser kinda? 


Sure would look nice with a co-op logo on it...

@RovingGinger, Yeah, that's a little different.  Looks good though.

"Sure would look nice with a co-op logo on it..."

Who knows, maybe your product suggestion might "rub off" onto the folks at the Co-Op for consideration.  Now that was a bad joke, but clean.  🤪


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