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Hi! As I get my old 20 gallon long set up for cycling and plants, I was wondering if my light is concerned low light? I had retrofitted the stock light over 10 years ago with a compact florescent 55 watt with a reflector. Since I still have one bulb left, I was hoping to start the first year of the tank with what I have and to see how it goes. I'm thinking on Java fern, anubius, and/or crypts initially, and maybe val and a water lilly when I see how things are growing. I really want a tiger lotus, but not sure if the lights are bright enough. Thanks!



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A 55 watt 6700k compact fluorescent on a 20 long (a pretty shallow tank) would likely be in the medium to high range in terms of light output to me. You should get around 4,000-5,000 lumens from such a bulb if my memory serves me correctly. 

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