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Help dying java fern


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My two java ferns arrived alive and well and turning brown in first week. I added 2 pumps of easy green (20 gal. tank) This tank has been established for years with fish. I recently started adding plants 6 months ago. I used fishing line to tie root to drift wood. Should I pull them out and trim root to help it receive the nutrients?

My parameters are: GH:75, Nitrite:0, Nitrate:25, chlorine:0, KH:40, PH:7, amonia:0,  Temp is 80~82°F

I use API for PH & amonia test kit & aquacare test strips.




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They look to be just dying back, nothing to worry about this is completyley normal. The best thing you can do is give it the nutrients it needs. You can also cut off the leaves. 

To learn more about plants dying back:


(all though this article talks about cryptacorne, it relevent to ALL aquatic plants including Java Fern)

Your nitrates are a bit low though, you want it at around 20ppm for a planted tank, try dosing more easy green.

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