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Dwarf Sag. Melting back


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Ok, so about a week ago I ordered several plants.  3 C. Parva. 2 C. Lutea . 1 Dwarf Sagittarius.  All in a new set up 46 gallon bow front.  Also 1 Micro Sword. 2 C. Lucens.  These plants are in a well seasoned 125 gallon tank.  
What follows is the same for both tanks and procedures of the planting.  Substrate is mostly river gravel (about 75%)from landscaping supply company that was rinsed, but not washed.  Leaving dust/dirt that comes with it.  Remaining substrate (25%) is eco complete.  Before planting I removed plant and wool from basket covered bottom of basket with eco complete and then ez tab.  Carefully opened wool and placed another ez tab below roots put it back in basket.  Once a day ( five days a week) in the 125 - 2 pumps of the following EZ iron, EZ carbon and EZ green, the temperature in this tank is about 84 degrees (this is a discus tank).  The 46 gallon tank with the dwarf sag is about 76 degrees and it receives one pump five days a week of the same three EZ fertilizer products.  
Oh yes, lighting.   Both tanks receive 14 hours of light per day.  
my question is 

01. Is it normal for the dwarf sag to melt back?

02. Or, am I doing- or have done something wrong?

also I was home when delivery was made.  Outside temperature was around 32 ish I think, but inside box temperature was around 55 degrees.  






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Yes it is completyley normal for new plants to melt back. In the farms the leaves are growing emerged from the water and the roots are in the water. So when transitioning this plant to aquarium life they will be loosing there leaves to get new ones. Don't worry and be patient soon this dwarf sag will grow lusher then ever. 

Dosing Easy Green, Iron, and Carbon everyday seems overkill. What are your nitrates? How much do you dose a day? How big is your tank?


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As stated,  the tank is a 46 gallon bow front.  
The plant was already converted to under water growth.

The dose is one pump each of the EZ products each morning.

My test kit is old, and I need to pick up a new one. My test is showing about 5-10 ppm.   (I had shoulder surgery about a month ago and haven’t been able to get out. Large tears in three muscles in rotator cuff and also bicep ). BTW Cory and Co-Op needs to put out more videos.....   I am so bored....

Thanks for fast response 


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