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  1. Big box/poor quality stores 5 mins away. Actually good fish store 2-2.5 hours depending on how fast I drive lol.
  2. I believe it can be possible to tell if glass is tempered by looking at it with polarized sunglasses. I've never tried this myself however. You're from my neck of the woods. I was at Petco in Lewiston a couple of weeks ago and they had a lot of tanks in stock. Petco in Moscow usually has more 75g tanks than Lewiston. The sale is going on now too so might be worth a look. It may be hard to find anywhere but Petco to find a decent quantity of tanks. Those tank sales they do have priced everyone out of the market it seems, and there aren't that many tanks for sale at a lot of fish stores I visit.
  3. Kribs. I bred some once and it was a really fun experience. I like Bolivians a lot too.
  4. Interesting! In one of my tanks with eco complete I have noticed that it is sort of really densely packed, and my dwarf sag has grown large root structures, but not sent out as many runners, like they have trouble getting through the eco. Hasn't happened in other tanks I've used it in though.
  5. Cool fish! I've reeeeeally been wanting to get some halfbeaks.
  6. I love pogostemon because you buy some once and it grows so much you end up with a huge supply for all your tanks, friends tanks etc. 😄
  7. I'm trying a live blackworm culture for the first time using a 10 gallon tank with a sponge filter. No stores near me sell the worms so if I mess this up I have to drive 2.5 hours to get to a decent fish store that sells them, which is kinda nice because it's a good store, but I can't go up there all the time. I'm using methods I got from the internet (so they've just got to be true, right? 😄) but I'm wondering if any blackworm enthusiasts have any tips or anything they can share!
  8. I agree. I would get these guys into quarantine and treat them with paracleanse.
  9. I've seen congo tetras recommended for puffer tanks. I've never kept them but they seem like they'd be fun to keep too.
  10. Cardinal tetras can be pretty meek in my experience. Maybe a smallish group of praecox rainbows? They'll swim all over without a care in the world. I'm biased though, I love rainbows. 😎 I've been thinking of trying my own SAP tank, and in my research I have seen that they do glass surf a lot. I don't have much to add, but I'm following to see how it goes for you!
  11. My guess is that the fish you are getting are unhealthy when you get them and are dying from bacteria or parasites after a while. My advice would be to quarantine and medicate fish with maracyn and paracleanse when you get them. People focus on water parameters because they are testable, but diseases and parasites we can't test for kill a lot of fish too.
  12. If I was in this situation I would leave the light alone and start doing 20% water changes instead of 50% to make sure I wasn't pulling all of the nutrients out of the water. I have one of these on a 55 and it works ok for me. Definitely not what I would consider high light. This looks like nutrient deficiency to me, and maybe not an overly bright light imo.
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