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  1. I agree. I would get these guys into quarantine and treat them with paracleanse.
  2. I've seen congo tetras recommended for puffer tanks. I've never kept them but they seem like they'd be fun to keep too.
  3. Cardinal tetras can be pretty meek in my experience. Maybe a smallish group of praecox rainbows? They'll swim all over without a care in the world. I'm biased though, I love rainbows. 😎 I've been thinking of trying my own SAP tank, and in my research I have seen that they do glass surf a lot. I don't have much to add, but I'm following to see how it goes for you!
  4. My guess is that the fish you are getting are unhealthy when you get them and are dying from bacteria or parasites after a while. My advice would be to quarantine and medicate fish with maracyn and paracleanse when you get them. People focus on water parameters because they are testable, but diseases and parasites we can't test for kill a lot of fish too.
  5. If I was in this situation I would leave the light alone and start doing 20% water changes instead of 50% to make sure I wasn't pulling all of the nutrients out of the water. I have one of these on a 55 and it works ok for me. Definitely not what I would consider high light. This looks like nutrient deficiency to me, and maybe not an overly bright light imo.
  6. So, I did an experiment and tried to get some of my turquoise rainbows to breed, and they did! I noticed about a dozen fry swimming around, so I extracted the parents from the breeding tank, which I previously had been using for quarantine. Right away I noticed that one of the fry was quite a bit larger than the others. I thought that was strange but I figured maybe he hatched first, was a fast grower, or something like that. Now that my fry have grown bigger they just don't look like the fish that used to be larger than them. I'm thinking maybe the fish I had in quarantine, two adult giant danios, may have been spawning without me noticing? These are the rainbow fry. Looking very rainbowish to me (forgive my bad pics): And here's the weird guy: Could these be the same kind of fish?
  7. I personally feel that 73 degrees is pretty cool for a lot of tropical fish. I have better fish health when I aim for the mid to high range of what is recommended for a species. 72 or 73 is usually the bottom.
  8. Gold coin gets my vote. I only have anubias in my shrimp tank because I always wind up with too much algae on the leaves if I don't have shrimp right there.
  9. When I have done this sponge filters from established tanks and as much cycled media as I could transfer over always did the trick.
  10. Cool! I just got a couple of royal farlowellas the other day! Neat fish!
  11. In my experience dwarf sag can melt pretty significantly. It takes quite a while for those roots to get going, but when they do it really takes off.
  12. Gotta go with sagittaria. Dwarf, broadleaf and narrow leaf are all really nice looking to me.
  13. Ah gotcha. Well it's interesting! Cool fish room thanks for sharing!
  14. I always piece them together to spread out the expense. I just get something for it here and there so I don't feel like I'm dropping a ton of money at a time. Also that way I can get exactly what I want, as opposed to what the kit includes. For example I will always want very specific filters, and none of the ones I want are ever in a kit, etc.
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