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Aquarium chemicals?

Bruce Trathen

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I currently use API products, in particular; Quick Start, Stress Coat +, and Stress Zyme + to keep bacteria levels active and remove chlorine and chloramines in my tap water. My question is: Is there just one product (any brand) that will accomplish all that these do it seems they pretty much do the same thing and i want to streamline my maintenance since i am up to 6 tanks now! I have 2 10gal community tanks, 2 12gal longs (1 i have a baby Musk Turtle and 10 Kubitai and 6 Golden Madaka Rice Fish & 1 is cycling for my soon to be Multi breeding tank) a 29 gal also cycling and not sure of stocking it yet, a 3.5gal Betta and am planning a few more in the coming months! I would love to hear what you NERMS have to say. Thnax!

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