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This is what happens when I get bored.  

Working on flow rates and such for a water feature for a couple "ponds" for next year.

Just calling it Frankenfilter for now, 5 gallons of lava rock, 45 ounces of carbon, and some floss media.  Just using stuff that is sitting around doing nothing.

95'ish percent of the water exits out the bottom of the filter cartridge (coffee can), ball valve on out-flow so I can keep the lava rock submerged.  An over-flow because at this stage things happen.



Hopefully I will remember to take pictures at various stages of this "experiment".


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1 hour ago, Brandy said:

curious, what water pump are you using? I would like to find a small cheap quiet submersible that can lift at least a few feet above water level. I have a much smaller drip irrigation plan...in the far distant future.

Glad you asked!  Early in the year a guy at work sold all of his fish stuff to some nut (me). In it were two of these.  I'm going to test the flow out of Frankie this weekend.  


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