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Hi Folks!

I have an older version of the Fluval Edge 6L tank. This tank provides a light with the worst coverage possible due to a potentially terrible tank design. #FluvalTrippin I was curious if anyone has tried the Fluval 3.0 Nano light on this tank with any success. I see that it could fit with some tweaking (removing the filter and old light) but want to see if it has been proven yet before the over investment in a light I know is extremely powerful for this setup. Currently using the basic light that comes with it (3W 120V no spectrum listed) and some other lights from another lid that are not good for plant growth, just adding some intensity. 


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UPDATE: I ended up getting the Fluval 3.0 Nano. So far I have seen amazing growth from the stem plants I put in the back directly under the light (bacopa carolinia, baby tears, and ammania gracilis). The perimeter of the tank I have different Anubias since they are so slow growing. I have seen great growth immediately on all these plants listed. The bacopa has intense reds now thanks to the light. So far no crazy algae bloom. I have the lights running on about 20% intensity and for 2 different 4 hour periods separated by a 4 hour period off. The only plant I am struggling with is dwarf baby tears which could be due to substrate or lack of co2. 

Modifications were easy as I just removed the previous light by removing 4 screws holding it in. The HOB was removed as well. The light now fits perfectly with the lid still secured tightly overtop. The light has 0 chance of falling in the tank this way to my surprise. 10/10 I would recommend anyone do this with the Fluval Edge if you want plants. 


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