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Stinky Wood


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Has anyone used grape wood before?

Does the sulfur smell go away and is it dangerous for my fish?


I recently purchased two large pieces of sand blasted grapevine/wood off of Etsy. The seller said all their wood was aquarium safe, so I did my normal soak routine.
I put them in a bucked and covered with water and a handful of pond snails from my 55g.

The past several days everything has been fine. The pieces turned the water cola colored but I just continuously swapped the water and let the snails eat the white fuzz.

But this morning the water smelled off and when I took the pieces out they smelled awful.

I’ve never had this problem with spider or mopani wood. Normally, I’d keep going until the water starts to clear up and then float them in the 55g until they sink completely, then set up the new tank. But I don’t want to release anything into my tanks.

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