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Sick fish


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I have a keyhole cichlid that has clamped fins. Water parameters are at normal for my tank. It’s been up for 2 years. I took two large ships out of my 55 to clean. Since then the keyhole is showing clamped fins, stress marks & white spots on its body but it doesn’t look like Ich. I’ve treated for Ich thinking at first that’s what it was but he didn’t seem to respond at all to the Walmart brand of Ich medicine. My Ich-X has been delivered but now I don’t know what to do. This is a planted tank. 

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Clamped fins is usaully a sign of something. Sometimes this can be water parameters, stress or even another disease. It does not look like ich to me. I would go with the Med Trio especially the Maracyn and add salt at 2tsp a gallon. Make sure you dont have any live plants in the tank as this will kill them. If you do have live plants skip the salt treatment. Make sure your water parameters look like this:

Nitrites and Amonia: 0

Nitrates 10-20ppm

And do regular water changes.

I had a betta in a bowl when I first started keeping fish and it develped clamped fins. This was obviously to the water temp as well as the other parameters. I fixed my mistakes and put him in a proper size tank with clean water. It was within days his clamped fins was gone.

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