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Internal Parasites?


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My molly fish had white stringy poop and I treated the entire tank with Fritz Paracleanse. I just finished a week long treatment and now the Molly has green normal consistency poop. We feed them Thera A food and freeze dried brine shrimp occasionally. There is brown diatom algae that they eat in the tank as well. What is causing the poop to be green? Should I be concerned? Is it from the medication?

The Molly is in a 29 gallon tank with 1 other Molly and 5 glow tetras. 

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18 hours ago, Bill Smith said:

Fish poop turns green when they eat lots of plant or vegetable matter. Mollies especially love green stuff. Between the pellets and the diatom algae, I would bet that's why. I wouldn't be concerned.

Thank you for your help! This is my first aquarium so i have a lot of questions! I was able to get a picture of it since it has some clear parts in it today. Is this still possibly internal parasites? Or what else could be causing this?  We did feed fresh brine shrimp last night. 


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I notice your fish has clamped his fins down. Is he swimming like that all the time? If he doesn't look perky and alert, he's not feeling great. 

I might be wrong, but I'd probably give him a week off the meds, and if he's still not looking great, I'd probably give him another round of paracleanse,

Also, what are all your water parameters?

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I think that was just the picture. He is swimming around and acting normal and eating. Maybe treat again in 2 weeks with paracleanse? We are doing water changes frequently because we treated with salt for ich. 




no2/no3- around zero

water temp- 76

no live plants (yet) but we have an airstone and bio bubble filter

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