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New shrimp tank - comments, suggestions, criticism?

Karen B.

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So I just finished setting up my shrimp tank and I would like your opinions.

It’s a Fluval spec V - so tiny! Will be housing Blue shrimps. 

I know I kinda made a mistake with the sand (river white aquatic sand). Looks too white and is made of sillica. Should have gone wit CaribSea super natural.

Some plants still need to grow (like the Nymphoides Taiwan in the right corner).

I will be adding floating plants (suggestions on which one?), marino moss balls and probably a little square of java moss in the middle.

Do you think the shrimps will have enough things/plants/surfaces to graze/feed on? Is it a nice habitat for them? 

Thank you! Sorry I was too excited, couldn’t wait for the water to clear. Hehe.


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Shrimps like to feed off sponge filters. The floating plants and moss is  great idea! The tank looks really good! The internal filter on the filter spec v might be too strong for the shrimp and may suck them in. Not sure if your using it though it looks like you have something setup in the right hand side. Overall I think any shrimp would be a lucky shrimp if they got to live in that tank.

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