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Algae control

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Hello! Recently I've had an infestation of beard algae, and I'm afraid it will hurt my plants. I got some Seachem Flourish Excel, because all my plants like the carbon it gives, and I hear algae hates it.

How often should I treat my tank with it? And how long will it take before the algae stops growing?


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This is something you can only find with experience, as your particular conditions (light and availble nutrients, types of plants, etc) will be unique. Direct application to the worst areas with a syringe OUT of the water (draining the tank to below the affected plants) is what worked the best for me.

I would caution you to never exceed the dose of excel on the bottle--it can use up the oxygen in the water and will stress your fish if you do. I would look at excel as a stopgap solution while you sort out a way to balance the tank. Lower your light by slow increments and possibly increase the fertilizer. There is no way to permanently eradicate the algae while an imbalance exists.

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