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Expanding live plant options


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Hello! I currently have 4 moss balls in my 20L tank. Im wanting to expand my live plants, but im concerned about getting something that grows too tall for the height of a 20L. It also has to be something easy for beginners. I like tall plants. Any suggestions? I have 6 tetras and a bristlenose pleco. My substrate is clay gravel.

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My Anubias nana (NOT the "petite") got decent sized. That's it attached to the "root" and growing upwards in the image below. Very easy to grow. Just attach it to a rock or piece of plastic ornament, and let it do its thing. It grows slowly, too, so no constant need to trimming and maintenance.

Another good one is Java Fern. The leaves can get pretty long if it's happy. Long enough for a 20L, I think.

Neither requires special lighting or CO2 or anything like that.


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