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Floating Mystery Sail

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Recently purchased a golden mystery snail.  Not sure how but it seems as if it has an air bubble in his shell.  It always floats to the top.  i've tried putting down in my plants but it always gets out and floats to the top.  Rarely I've seen it attached to the side of my tank close to the top but then it's floating again.  I've tried gently pushing on his "foot" or "trap door" to try to release air but with no success.

Any suggestions?  I'm afraid it will just slowly starve.

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What's it in with? Could be that it's getting nipped at so this is a defense. No need to try and release the air. Snails are pretty adept at handling that themselves.

You could also try putting some snail food in the tank and see if it goes to get it if you're concerned. 

Finally, have you checked on it at night when the lights are out? My mystery snail gets active when the fish are "sleeping".

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