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Hello, hello, from the high desert!

Dawn T

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I'm in SE Arizona. Being in the high desert, it doesn't get quite as hot here as it does in Tucson or Phoenix, but it doesn't get as cold as up around Flagstaff either (thankfully! I HATE the cold). I've had aquariums off and on since I was a senior in high school long enough ago I'm not sure I should admit when that was. LOL

I just discovered Cory's videos on YouTube about a month ago, thanks to a recommendation from a video I was watching by KGTropicals. Been binge watching vids from both ever since.

Currently, I'm restricted to the two 29g tanks I have, but hoping next year to get a bigger tank (40? 55? 60? 75? not sure). I have a couple of 10g tanks as well, but no where to set them up, due to our current living arrangements.

One has a large Top Fin tree root decoration in it that I love, though it's actually too big for that tank. An Anubias nana I'd placed in there has firmly attached itself to that "root" and is slowly creeping over it. That tank also contains Cryptocoryne wendtii, though I got bunch out of there a couple of weeks ago to clean up the tank and make way for new plants. There's a large Java Fern hiding behind the Anubias in the right side of the photo. The Java Fern and more Anubias nana are on a good-sized piece of mopani driftwood. There are still some loose plants floating in the tank, but those go to a new home this week. This aquarium contains 2 rosy red minnows (only ones of 10 "feeder fish" to survive quarantine), a black skirt tetra (OLD, lone survivor of her school), and a pleco about 6" long that's been with me almost 5 years after coming to me as a rescue.

The other tank has a cave (also Top Fin I believe), as well as a piece of mopani driftwood (visible in the left side of the photo). It has a forest of Cryptocoryne wendtii "green" that I finally thinned out a couple of weeks ago. They'd taken over the entire tank, including that whole front area. The only occupant is a pleco about 6" long that I've had for about 6 years.

I'm currently awaiting my first order from Aquarium Co-op, which includes new plants of species I've never been able to get at my local stores, so I'm excited about that!



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