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Official NFL Endlers ... ?


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Has anyone seen these before? LOL

I had these appear and wonder if they are something new?

I have 2 Cowboy/Colts and 2 Bengals/Buccaneers 😛

The photos don't do their colors justice.

Maybe they are MLB Guppies? Mariners & Marlins??

NHL ? Philly Flyer $ Tampa Bay Lightning?

ok, seriously though... some kind of Black Bar Endler cross?

I bought a half dozen unbranded females of various strains a few months ago from 4 LFS and lost about 1/2 pretty quickly.
Along with these several males almost gone.

But as guppies will do I have many many little fishies now.

I expect the drop these came from are just at maturity and I'm thinking about breeding them for these traits.
I find them pretty interesting. 😄

Any comment or thoughts welcomed!





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