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Help for my Platy, please!


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Hello! I’m hoping someone can help me with my female Platy. Today, she didn’t eat and I noticed that her belly/sinus looks odd. She did have a very dark gravid spot until today, but now it’s kind of pink and it looks like her insides are starting to bulge out of her anus. The very strange thing is that this happened to another one of my female Platy fish a few weeks ago. She passed and  I thought it was some kind of prolapse. In this tank are three Plath Fish, three Skirt Tetras, three Angelfish, a bristlenose and a bunch of various snails. It’s a 75 gallon planted tank kept consistently at 78 degrees. I’ve included pictures of my water parameters and the sick Platy. I’m sorry I couldn’t get better photos of her. She’s staying at the very back of the tank. Thank you so much, in advance!








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