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Fin rot..


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  • pH  7.8-8.0
  • Nitrates  10-20
  • Hardness GH 5
  • Nitrite 0
  • Ammonia 0
  • KH/Buffer 7
  • Water Temperature 78

Above is 75 gallon tank water parameter. I found sick fish and moved to 10 gallon tank to treat what it looks like fin rot.I think his case is mild.

10 gallon Hospital tank water parameter is only different on NItrate level which is 5-10

Everything else is identical to 75 gallon tank.

I have question on Aquarium salt.
I found out one of our fish is mild case of Fin rot.
I would like to try Aquarium salt. I looked up aquarium coop website for salt dosage.Level 1 is 1 tsp per 1 gallon of water so, if Hospital tank is 10 gallon, it is 10 tsp.
My question is that, package says 1 tbs per 5 gallon of water.
Which dosage I should go with?
Also, after dosing the first dose, until water change you do not add any salt and just observe and when I do water change and say move 2 gallon water out from the hospital tank, then, 2 tsp of Aquarium salt if using aquarium co-op dosage level 1 is correct?
How often do you suggest to do water change? I usually went by NItrate reading on weekly water test result.
I just did water change and put sick fish in there.I have not added any aquarium salt just yet.
Thank you.

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