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Cladophora 'blanketweed' how to get rid of it?


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Unfortunately I've been cursed with an infestation of 'blanket weed' (cladophora) in my nano CPD and cherry shrimp tank. I've tried a lot of different things like dosing liquid carbon, manual removal. The only thing that works is draining the tank 90%, spot hitting it with a tonne of liquid carbon on the exposed areas, leaving for 10 minutes, then refilling the tank a few times so that the fish don't overdose. And it always comes back. It grows from the very centre of the java fern and on the moss, which immediately die when I spot dose liquid carbon. I am at my limit, but I really don't want to tear down the tank because its very healthy and happy atm, getting many CPD babies.

Anyone ever gotten rid of cladophora before? any tips?

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