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Sponge filter recommendations for Canadians


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I buy the Aquaneat ones from Amazon and they don't need an airstone. They have an air distribution plate in the bottom that works pretty well. Over time the airflow will slow because they leave a long stem on the bottom of the air distribution plate that gets easily clogged. It's an easy thing to fix though. The following photos show how to fix the issue. That bottom weighted portion has two halves that can be pried apart. Then when you flip over the top you can see the long stem that bottoms out and ultimately blocks the airflow. I use an old pair of nail clippers to shorten that stem and then just reassemble everything and you're back to full airflow once more and forever more.  It won't get clogged again with that long stem shortened. It's a fast, easy fix. The hardest part is prying apart that bottom shell. Just make sure you shorten that part that's on the bottom and not the top. I don't know why they make that bottom stem as long as they do, but that's the only real problem I've found with them.  

filter bottom plate with label.jpg

the two halves pried apart.jpg

top half flipped over revealing stem.jpg

long sem shortened and problem solved.jpg

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Thanks so much for this, unfortunately I didn't see this until after I ordered a filter.  I ended up getting a Hygger Dual Sponge filter as it left a smaller footprint in my tank.  I will put it in tommorow.  It of course does not accommodate a air stone, but is supposed to be quiet.

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