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Agassizii Corys

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    I'm wondering if my Agassizii Corys' behavior is normal. I have two in a 20 long, along with 3 Venezuelan Corys, a dozen golden minnows, and a female Betta. Even before adding the Betta, the Agassizii barely came out from hiding amongst the plants. It's a heavily planted tank, but the Venezuelans are always out and about. When I do see one of them, they dash back into hiding as soon as I get closer. I have 12 different kinds of Corys in my tanks, and these are the only ones behaving this way. I'm just wondering if this is normal behavior for Agassizii. It's such a beautiful fish, and it's a shame that I rarely see them. 

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It is generally recommended to keep at least 6 of each species together in a group, otherwise the Corys may feel insecure and lonely. If you have a few more Agassizii in another tank, try putting them together in a group and see if they behave differently.

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