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AquaPros and Myself Think Alike, Apparently

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When I got into the hobby in 2020, I quickly got up to the double digits in tanks. I also love building tools to make things more efficient. These paths definitely crossed in my early hobby. 

One of the first things I built to help with water changes is EXACTLY what AquaPros just put in their new video! The only difference is mine has tubing on the end so I can run it to 5 gallon buckets instead of straight into the sink. I also have a second, smaller one, for the smaller tanks. I also use a sponge in the intake of mine instead of the plastic mesh he hot glued to his. My thought is most of my tanks have shrimp, some have fry, etc. and those could still get through the grate, but they can’t get through the sponge. 

I’ve showed these off several times on here, but I’ll show em off again. 

It’s literally the same thing, just with a hose, and mine is made out of 1/2” pvc, lol. Red ball valve instead of blue.


Here’s the small version for the smaller tanks. 

I also built the Ziss Hatchery stand, but with an upgrade to hold a sieve for hands-free baby brine shrimp harvesting. 

If you plan to build the stand, I definitely recommend this easy and quick upgrade. 

Lastly, I built this guy to fill tanks before I had a Python:


Hook the open end of the tubing to a submersible pump, and put the pump in a 5 gallon bucket. Fill the bucket first, and have a second bucket filling in the sink behind it. Turn the pump on, and then continue to fill the bucket with the pump using your second bucket. The end caps on the T have a bunch of small holes drilled in them, so the water goes left and right instead of shooting straight down into the substrate. 

These were all built super early in my hobby, so it was super funny to turn on a video 4 years later and go, “hey, I built one of those 4 years ago!” Too funny. Great minds think alike, right?

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Hey thanks for posting. I’m not a YouTube girl much. I’m moving both my fishrooms into the large basement to make a finished showcase type fishroom. 

I use pumps both in and out.  I have a diy hose hook for in but out I still manually stand there.  I had you pvc hooks in my head but had not finalized the details on how to do them. 

Your post was very helpful in visualizing exactly what I want. I want different length outs for each tank size so I can hook and walk away and the pump stops drawing when it reaches the correct level.

Appreciate your share 🤗

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Posted (edited)
On 5/28/2024 at 9:35 AM, Guppysnail said:

Also your  in “rain sprinkle” feature you just drilled end caps yes?

Yup! Just bought the end caps, drilled a bunch of small holes, and then friction fit. 

On 5/28/2024 at 9:27 AM, Guppysnail said:

I want different length outs for each tank size so I can hook and walk away and the pump stops drawing when it reaches the correct level.

For sure. That’s exactly what I do for my 55’s. Takes about 17 gallons out. 

For the 29’s and the 20 high I just take out whatever is necessary. Usually 10 gallons on the 29’s and 5-7 gallons on the 20 high. Makes it super easy with by clipping the hose to the bucket, switch the buckets when necessary, and then pull the siphon out of the tank to stop the flow. 

I start by using the siphon on a 55, then move on to the 29. Start filling the 55 as I continue to drain all the other tanks, and then move the Python to fill them all up in the same order. Super easy and efficient 

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Posted (edited)
On 5/28/2024 at 9:16 PM, anodyne99 said:

Does it work pretty well? No slipping?

Works great for me. Throw the sieve on there, open the valve, and then I don’t have to touch the sieve until I’m ready to move it. IMG_3231.jpeg.01945c00132f469e943f8fb6650c92f1.jpeg

One of the benefits of thIs entire stand just being friction fit (no glue) is that you can move the sieve holders in and out and fit or hold really any size needed. 

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