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CO2 regulators

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I am looking into upping my tanks to CO2. The one site I was on said that Aquarium Co Op has a great Co2 regulator. But when I look at the site I do not see them. Did they discontinue them. If so, which would you recommend. I want to buy one and use it for 2 tanks. Each are 40 gals.  thanks.

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The Co Op discontinued their CO2 regulator.

I have been happy with my CO2art elite pro regulator, but @Mmiller2001 says the modest price premium over that one for a Custom built regulator is incredibly well spent.  Alan Le makes them iirc..

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Yup, discontinued. 

I didn’t go as fancy as @Pepere and I’m happy with the performance. All just comes down to what you need vs. what you’re willing to pay. In my case, I just need it to work well and not drift, so I didn’t feel the need to spend more than what I did. 

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Posted (edited)

For perspective, I originally bought a co op regulator the day they hit the website.When I hooked it up, out of the box, there was a continuous internal leak. I contacted customer service and we went through toubleshooting it and they mentioned this had occured before and the best solution was a replacement regulator.  

Ok, manufacturing errors can occur, I accepted their offer for a replacement and it arrived quickly.

Ihooked it up and got it adjusted and it worked great for 3 days, and then I got ho,e and my drop checker was blue.  Plenty of pressure on tank side, nothing on secondary side and no amount of fiddling with adjustment would change that.


contacted customer service again, and they told me they had experienced this issue as well.  They offered another replacement or refund as they had for the first one.  At this point I was losing confidence in the regulator.  Had the co ophad 18 months of experience and told me well under 5% of regulators had problems, and the majority of problems became evident within a week or two of sale and those that were fine at that point continued to be fine, I might have tried another one. But this was a new product to them that I purchased the day it hit the website, and had two separate problems and they had previously experienced prior reports of same problems.   And given that a regulator failure can kill tank inhabitants and they did not have months and months of experience with these, I opted for a refund and bit the bullet on significantly more expensive CO2art regulator.

I love the Co op and especially love their customer service.  I have tremendous confidence buying products from them. They are my favorite source for fish related supplies.

Now I had experience with the use and adjustability pf the co op unit and then bought the significantly more costly co2art unit. Had the co op unit continued to work without incident I would have been content with it…  However, the fit and finish of the CO2 art unit is much better.  The needle valve adjustment for the bubble counters was also far superior giving you much finer control of the bubble count than the co op unit I had before.  Much easier to fine tune he bubble count..  I have no regret over having paid extra, and it has worked flawlessly for a out 18 months now and came with a 10 year warranty.


I sure would prefer a manifold to different tanks that use a flow meter vs a bubble counTer and may look in to seeing it Alan Le could help with that…




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