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  1. If you wanna break bank and get a huge tank that could be really cool! Clown loaches are very active and fast Definitely ask your LSF about some good tank mates because I am relying on my research and not experience...😅
  2. Slow your roll there. Clown loaches like to be in groups of 5 and they grow up to 12inches in length as adults.They need at least 180gallon if you wanna keep em happy. I would be wary when adding your frog friend because if you have fast or nippy fish it could outcompete your frog for food or might nip at its toes or legs. The chilid might want a bigger tank too because they like to swim around and would definitely not be a good fit for your frog. Blue Ram Dwarf Cichlids like to be in pairs. They choose a mate and stay with them for life and may even mate. 29g would be too small for the pair.
  3. @Seattle_Aquarist Are there any fish you would reccomend for a 20 gallon? I really like this rock but this kinda limits the fish I can get here is a photo of my tank
  4. WhiteCloud quick question: How long do you keep your light on? I have mine set from Sunrise to sunset. I have an amazon wifi plug and I set it to that on the app. Just wondering cuz I live in FL and its still light out
  5. Well the one thing I did check was I poured some vinegar on the rock and it did not bubble so I assumed it was fine. if it was gonna dissolve in water I think it would have done so already since it was sitting in a pond for years
  6. If your snail moves around when you reach into the tank then im guessing its sleeping. Im not trying to be funny or anything but Mystery snails are known to sleep for days on end sometimes. Your momma snail is probs tired for having so many babies. If the disease experts r stumped I would say this is probably the most likely answer. I have had mystery snails before nd they do this so I speak from Experience. If you are worried try taking her out of the tank and smelling her. if she gives off a bad oder then its dead but if your snail recedes into its shell and tries t run from you then its just sleepy
  7. So, awhile back I asked y'all for some recommendations of how to clean a rock I found in my backyard retention pond. I power washed it, let it sit in the sun for three days then I added it to my tank. Well today I was checking out my Java Fern Plantlet and spotted this little bugger starting to grow from my pond rock. Can anyone help me identify it? If its harmless I would like to keep it (free plant whoo) but if its bad/invasive/poisonous how do I get rid of it. My tank is currently in the process of starting up I tested it yesterday and I still am waiting for the nitrites to turn into nitrates before adding anything like fish or snails. I live in FL so ive got hard water but everything else like was stable.
  8. Did you try searching 'CO2' in the search bar in the shop?
  9. Can I ask why Planaria is bad? I think they are so cute and very cool creatures (if you cut them in half it will create two new planaria from the cut pieces)
  10. Idk anything about PAR so here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Briignite-Spectrum-Equivalent-Indoor-Starting/dp/B091DLFDL9/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=3M3IXPED9W45J&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.Rfp01R1SYSIbpUoluSGNRZZwUXEtU8r083l8nwHvt8yDDncEQbIS5692epmVlFg0epGFOT28B4YNbU6PjVEWE0q27UUbjwgOoAk0vA5xfGW8HyQaEd2WvELHPHbBjMLjydAUmdr2iEhC0IVCAVNIeh0oO1tN58zwEx7xDK-Q1D6jRQbQv4hPrcp07D_e9FjGAi9b9kLMnE3Ye3n0KN1_LWlGc0yFnW83j0VvyFl1thONRxEA3GUZbC_A010BBR_QMReR7l18YX-hp4D5YTBmsXwxnv_vGm3-WjVniAFvWeM.RhaMph9IojAej5VvNnU3egAseZxdT_ACV5IutAcs-fY&dib_tag=se&keywords=grow%2Bbulbs&qid=1716411334&sprefix=grow%2Bbulbs%2Caps%2C131&sr=8-1-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY&th=1
  11. I was thinking of getting some grow bulbs on amazon and getting some adjustable gooseneck clip-on desk lamps for the back of my 20 gallon. The reason is because Ive noticed the light it came with flickers and isn't the best. I want yalls opinion on em before I spend money for them. And if these are not the best option what would be better? Im kinda short on money so cheaper solutions is key I currently Have 1 java fern and two Crypt Spiralis
  12. Do you have a water test kit? Make sure your water parameters are stable
  13. Rice fish like to be n groups of 6. I did some research and it seems its ok to add some more rice fish in your 8 gallon. They enjoy pellets or flakes and for a treat maybe frozen bloodworms. Make sure to watch the water parameters because shrimp dont like their water always changing. Make sure your shrimp hav enough hiding spots so their future young dont get eaten by a curious fish. otherwise it seems you have a cool new addition to your tank.
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