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I am so very proud of myself for this/the end result!

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My grandfather has a 30-gallon tank in his home office that's been set up for about 3 years.
He has only ever kept neon tetras in it. Started with a dozen ot two, but within the last few months, all but one had died. On top of having just a single, solitary fish in a 30 gallon aquarium, there was also just 2 pieces of decoration, and AND, for the last eleven months, it has not even had a light!!!
It had ::
-2 decorarions
-1neon tetra
-a filter
And so just literally NOTHING going on.
So on Tuesday when I was over, and sitting there lookin at this pitiful, but could-be-amazing tank..my mind just started SPINNING with ideas!!! And when he said he wouldn't be home the next day??? The idea gate swung wiiiide open!!!
CUT TO NEXT DAY / "Day 1 of Revamping Gdads Tank" -
First I tested his water - and it. Was. Almost. PERFECT! 😱 (8.2, 0, 0, 40)
With all the ideas in my head, I had basically ended up bringing like everything you'd need to have for a tank...and then some! Haha
I had a light bar I was no longer using (though it's a few inches longer than his tank, but IMO it's MUCH better than having no light at all!) So I brought that...
Then, since at the beginning of the year I fully converted and planted my tank, I had like 4 big bins of "spare decore". So I picked my fave ones and packed them up to take.
Took a few of my own live plants over with me too (just some small - medium sized water wisteria).
Then, at the insistence of my all 3 of my kids, I also took and added 3 juvenile platys and an endler (more fishies to come/be added in the coming weeks).
Here's the killer part that I discovered while decorating this tank.
In the three years that he has had this tank up and running with fish, not once have you ever clean vacuumed the substrate! It was terrible!
So that made my decision two yet again come back again the next day.
On to the next day / "Day 2 of Ravamping G-Dads Tank" ... I -
-gravel vac'd
-took the filter and just swished it in some tank water ~ I will worry about CLEAN cleaning it later on
-added a few more decorations
-added a few more live plants
-and added a second filter with cycled media from my own tank.
SO HERE IT IS --- pics of the progression of the revamp!
First pic - this is what I had started with - minus any light - started with a tank that originally had no light on it, only 2 decorations, and a single, solitary neon tetra (only one remaining out of original 2 or so dozen).
So on day one - a light bar, a few pieces of decor, 2 or 3 small live plants, and 4 of my own fish.
Second pic - after the first day of me foolin' with it
Third pic - the second day and the end result!
Fourth pic - the BEFORE before, and after / end result!
I'm going to go back over on Monday, and am going to test the water. I think as long as it stays good when testing, which there's no reason it shouldn't I wouldn't think, then over the next 2 weeks, slowly start adding more neon tetras - so the lil lonesome fella that's in there has some buddies!
What do ya think!?





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