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Stocking by the Numb3rs - 2/7 Stock System

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This post is a BIG THANK YOU for those who provided input over the last 4 months to help get me here.

This week, I "completed" stocking of my 40 G Breeder and gotta say, I'm liking the results.

So here is my Stocking by the Numb3rs - 2/7 Stock System - No doubt this system will revolutionize aquariums, initiate perfect 2/7 stocking combo studies, generate hours of internet content, and solve all unsolved aquarium mysteries. 🤣

2 - Mystery Snails

3 - Bolivian Rams

4 - Red Eye Tetras

5 - Sterbai Cory

6 - Von Rio Tetra (Wild Style)

7 - Emperor Tetra

Total of 27 fish (2-7), OK so Stocking level isn't 27% or 72% for AqAdvisor, but close at 69%. 

I'm going to have to get more tanks to better fill up my idle Aquarium time! 🤪


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Would love to see some pics! That sounds like good numbers. I love snails but the bigger snails if they die can cause a crash so make sure you keep track of those mystery snails - I speak from experience lost a red dragon guppy colony my son had and he’s not been the same since “no guppies dad!”

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Next glass cleaning & water change, I'll take a photo. Warning: My phone's camera isn't greatest and fish seem camera shy. Von Rio's were on sale "5 for" bought an extra one to make 6 for the math plus could have easily made it a dozen.

Regarding Mystery snails: I only have 2 but I have a half dozen egg sacks waiting to hatch. Expect some babies in next few days.

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So I was goofing around on paper with the 2-7 numbers but still loving my species choices in a "if I was doing it again" scenario. Keeps me "aquarium occupied" without buying more tanks! Makes sense plus it gets stocking to 72%.

2 - Mystery Snails

3 - Bolivian Rams

4 - Red Eye Tetras --> Swap quantity with Emperor Tetras - One male, 3 female. Right now my males will occasionally spar and revision should improve tank dynamics

5 - Sterbai Cory --> Von Rio Tetra quantity swap makes math work, plus shop sells 5 for...

6 - Von Rio Tetra (Wild Style) --> Sterbai Cory - Can't have too many Cories.

7 - Emperor Tetra --> Red Eyes making them more predominant in tank and "experts" recommend 6 or more.

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I recently lost an Emperor Tetra and a Mystery Snail tainting my seemingly perfect numbers.

So apparently there is a flaw in my study which will, if not just delay my research paper, but may disprove the 2/7 Stocking System as the perfect stocking model.  I can only suggest to others to proceed using the 2-7 Stock System with caution.

All I can do now is more tireless field research at the pet store. 👨‍🔬

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