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Dosing Easy Green

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Just received Easy Green 120ml fertilizer.  The dosing directions show 2 drops for every 1 gallon.  With my 40 gallon breeder tank that’s 80 drops!

I only have 2 Java Ferns,  a small bunch of Java moss and 2 Anubis’s plants besides a medium group of root feeding plants that I will feed with your Easy Root Tabs.

Since I have only 5 water column feeding plants 80 drops seems excessive.

Please advise

Thanks For all responses.


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yeah seconding @FLFishChik -- the dose you need is going to depend on your plants and the bioload of your fish (more fish = generally, less need to fertilize as plants are getting more nutrients from waste). The 1 ml (1 pump on the larger bottle) per 10 gal is a good starting point, but it's one of those 'observe and adjust' things....I've got the opposite situation going on with a heavily planted 15 gal tank that has at the moment, very few fish, so I've found twice the recommended dose of fertilizer is a better level for my tank, at least with the current amount of livestock. I'd pick a consistent starting amount, give it about a month so it has some time to make an impact, and adjust based on what you're seeing. 

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