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European equivalent of med trio


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Hi everyone, so i saw a lot of people from Europe asking where to get med trio or what to use in Europe etc.

So i will write here some medicine list that i have experience with and many other aquarists use it as well.

1.Esha 2000 - is used for Finrot, fungal infections, bacterial infections

2.Esha Exit - is used for ich and velvet (and more rear spot disease's)

3.Esha gdex - is used for gill flukes, skin flukes and tape worm

This 3 meds can be used in same time, dosage is simple and they doesn't effect invertebrates. 

Those 3 meds will affect wide range of disease that are most common in aquarium hobby. There are some more specific diseases that will not be treated with those meds but they are not as common.

You can get it in online shops as well on Amazon.

Other very good products are from JBL company but the trick is they treat specific types of disease's so you need to be sure that is right med for right disease.



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@Perrowto be honest i looked at some ingredients but i am not that into it so i don't know scientific and common name of ingredients so some could be the same but with different names depending on county/continent.

Esha gdex- is only praziquantel vs Fritz paraclean have small dosage of antibiotic with praziquantel in it too.

Esha exit- is mix of methylene blue and violet, malachite green and acridine vs Ich-x is mix of malachite green, methanol and formaldehyde

Esha 2000- I can't find official ingredient list but what i can find is mix of Rivanol(antibiotic), Profalin (used for velvet and protozonas, gram + bacteria and fungus), methyl orange and small amount of copper ++ VS Maracyn is just antibiotic


To conclude this is best we got based on our laws, for example for something like Maracyn we would need veterinarian prescription you can't freely buy antibiotics.

I personally used all 3 of them with shrimps(neocaridina, ammano), snails (pond and nerite), fish (corys, ottos, apistos, rasboras, tetras, gobys...)

Never lost a fish from those meds and they are my quarantine staple.

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