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Re-introducing nerite after No Planaria?


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I used No Planaria as directed to get rid of hydra. The last dose was a few days ago.

Since then, I’ve done a couple of 40% water changes. I’ve also added some Seachem Matrix Carbon in a media bag to my tank (perched on my sponge filter, just slightly in range of the bubbles). I have a 10 gallon tank.

Has anyone successfully re-introduced an ornamental snail (mystery, nerite, etc.) after using No Planaria? I can’t seem to find a definite answer anywhere...

I’ve read three 50% water changes and adding carbon for 24 hours. But I’ve also read that after two months of water changes and carbon, snails still perish.

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It may depend on the amount you dose. In my 10 gallon blue shrimp tank I used a postage scale to weigh it out as mine did not come with a spoon. I used slightly less than the recommended dose based on some other forum reading. The vorticella and planaria were gone and after a couple water changes the bladder/pond snails continued to live and thrive. I used a tiny carbon cartridge for a 3 gallon tetra filter for a few days as well. I don't usually condone sacrificing animals, but maybe test with some "pest" snails for a week or two. Since they are smaller I think they would be affected much quicker. Good luck and hopefully you can get your lil buddy back into his/her home soon. 

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