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Nitrate in Tap Water


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Hi- I have a 75g that has been set up for 20months. Fully planted, high light, co2 for fun. I had been doing 2-4 pumps per day of Easy Green over the life of the tank. My city must be adding something in the water for winter as now when I change water my nitrate levels stay at 20ppm. 

Any opinions if I should continue to dose? Thinking I may be missing some other elements If I stop - but nitrates seem to be staying at 20 even without dosing. In the past my nitrates would drop significantly each day. 

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A call to the plant would get you an answer on if they are adding something.  They should also have a link on their web page (I assuming they have one) with results to recent water testing.  And probably notes on anything they may be adding seasonally.  They may have done some water main cleaning recently and did not do a good flush.

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