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Chili Rasbora disease


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have a group of 10 Chili Rasboras in a heavily planted 8 gallon tank. The tank runs without problems for about a year now. Plants include a couple of anubias and bucephalandras. There are also 3 nerite snails. To lower ph a bit  I use peat and alder cones.

Recently 3 of my chilli Rasboras lost their bright red colour and turned pale. Additionally their tail initially got slightly deformed pointing downwards. After a couple of days the fish couldn't swim naturally and eventually died as the tail was pointing completely downwards. I must mention that all ill fish were eating food and seemed to have appetite and behave naturally until their last day.

Any help of what might have happened is appreciated. The other 7 chilli and nerites are all fine. The play hide and seek and get crazy when they are fed.

Thanks in advance 


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Looks like a bacterial infections with body rot to the tail white patch on the head it  could be columnaris that's a gram negative bacterial infections that spreads more quickly at temperatures over 75 and can kill in 24hr to 7 days depending on the stains the most effective treatment is a combination of kanaplex and jungal fungus clear fizz tabs containing nitrofurazone following this treatment plan i would remove your snails during treatment @gr_christaki


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