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plants and light

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90 gallon tank, low tech (no CO2), using Easy Grn and Root Tabs.  Moderately planted (Vals, Crypts, 1 Am Sword, Bacopa, ludwigia and java ferns) with heavy fish load. 

Coop light is on for 8 hrs. Started light on for 6 hr for a month, 2nd month at 7 and now 3rd month at 8 hrs.  So, what would you recommend for light intensity?  Because of it's a deeper tank (24" deepth-90 gallon), would you go with 80% or higher?  Having moderate plant success so far.  

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I have a 36g bow front which has the same problem. Its deep but not as deep as a 90g.  To find appropriate light intensity I used ludwigia as my indicator plant. I planted it at various spots  and at various heights , some pretty close to surface level and watched for its reaction to the light. When it opened and closed in tune with my light cycle I was confident I had enough light reaching the surface.

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