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Tank stand brackets


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I saw these brackets online for building an adjustable firewood rack and was wondering if anyone has attempted something similar for an aquarium stand? 

Could be a simple way to piece together a diy stand for someone with fewer tools etc. Though I wouldn't want to test it with something larger than a 40 gallon to start with.

Or maybe something like the brackets that are used to piece together wooden dock sections 🤔51sF9QKCHL._AC_UF10001000_QL80_FMwebp_.webp.2a439ffd280239d80e49962a8ad88567.webp


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@mynameisnobody @Gannon I couldn't find a load rating so I would be very cautious. However if the welding is solid and good screws were used I would think the capacity could be decent. On the one I posted pictures of reviews stated that the screws that came with it were all but useless. Of course for its intended use not much would be needed.

@GannonWhat I really want to know is where they found the perfect 2x4s for that picture lol

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