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Re-plumbing my 190 gal high tec tank

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I'm looking at removing my existing sump from my 190 and making my own from a 40B. I'm currently using a saltwater sump and it's not working that well for removing materials in the water, and the sock filter clog instantly. Im trying to plan it out well before I build it. A few questions I have are,

I'm currently using a reactor for the CO2, it works but I'm wondering if two atomizers (one per return line to the tank) would work better. 

If I do the atomizers for CO2, would it be better to put them after the check valves to stop the siphon effect with pw outages. 

I'll get a kit from Amazon for the baffles for the sump anyone have any recommendations on brands or set ups? 

Also trying to keep the refugium area if possible for shrimp. 




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