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Congo Spotted Pufferfish (Schodenti Puffer) question

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Hello folks, a few weeks ago I took the dive and got myself a Congo spotted puffer fish after watching the puffer stay in a 10 gallon tank for weeks.  I took him home and fed him, since he was really scrawny.  After deworming with General Cure and Expel P, I released him into a 38 gallon tank.  Up until this time I had fed him clams on a half shell, meal worms, and ramshorn snails (I also named him Trouble because it was quite challenging getting him to accept live foods of any type).  He was doing pretty good with that diet, and then once moved I graduated him to shrimp.  At first I couldn't help but laugh because against moving targets this puffer is really bad.  I have never seen so inept a hunter before.  I literally watched him for two hours cruise the tank, get coiled in front of a shrimp, watched the shrimp move out of the way, he would bite the sand, the shrimp would scurry away, he would spit out the sand and go look for more.   This was incredibly funny the first two days.   Then I found some dead guppies in the morning.  They were both disembowled.   The shrimp were just fine.   So I moved the adult guppies out thinking this was my fault, and I watched trouble go from one corner of the tank to another after shrimp and he just can't seem to catch them.  Has anyone else encountered this with their Congo Spotted Pufferfish?  I have never seen a predator so inept against moving prey.  Any advice for getting my "special needs" pufferfish on a live diet that doesn't include just a few items that are slow or dead?  Thank you in advance.

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Thanks @Chick-In-Of-TheSea. @MandatoryDenialPictures and a gif would be cool to see of Trouble and his adventures. 

I havent noticed any spotted congo hunting and eating fish personally here though the will take frozen tilapia occasionally. It is worms, snails, misc insects, occasional shrimp and krill...exhibit A snails are their favorite here even as fry as evidenced by the field of pond snail shells. 


Your puffer should be decent at the hunt to get to their current size.... even tiny spotted congos are very good at it


Since the adults here will eat frozen tilapia occasionally ....i suppose "food is food" if hungry enough and Trouble decides that guppies are better to have over "for dinner" than to dinner




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Thanks for the response, as far as Trouble is concerned.  I am planning on filming him next week.  Waiting on a tripod for a go pro.  He is a riot to watch and again he is SUPER bad at catching shrimp.  I have removed all guppies from the tank as he would have killed them, and frankly they are too pretty to sacrifice to a Trouble tantrum.  Curiously Trouble doesn't seem to look at the Otocinclus as food, at least not yet.  I will update you when I get a video cut of him. 

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