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Preventative Quarantine Process for Marine Fish


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I know this forum is predominantly freshwater topics, but I was wondering if anyone has a solid preventative quarantine process for marine fish they wouldn't mind sharing? I read the article posted by Aquarium Co-Op (https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/how-to-treat-sick-aquarium-fish) and was curious if this would be effective for marine as it is fresh, mainly because it lacks a copper treatment which seems to be a staple based on a few saltwater forums.

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It seems Uronema and a few other diseases unique to sw (?) might be missed by this trio, not 100% sure.

Are you familiar with humblefish's qt protocol if you are on reef forums?

I order from Dr Reef. 2 or 3 quarantined fish for nano tanks are affordable.

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