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Corys with head wound?

Josh W

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Just walking by my tank I noticed that two of my Julii corys are sitting at the bottom of the tank with what look like head wounds. I've included a somewhat blurry picture below.

I'm wondering if they were a little too enthusiastic digging around in the dragon stone. Has anyone seen this before?

Water params:

Ammonia: 0ppm

Nitrite: 0ppm

Nitrate: 20ppm

pH: 6.9

GH: 300ppm

KH: 0



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4 hours ago, Pookies Aquatics said:

Since it is two fish, it could be a parasite or something eating away at the fish. Your rocks don't look very sharp, but they could be the problem as well. I would quarantine them. How long have you had them?

I've pulled them both out into a makeshift hospital tank. I've had them for less than a month and this just appeared today, so it seems odd. If they do have a wound, any suggestions on how to help them out? I put Stress Coat in as a first step.

One funny theory I have right now: I put a block of Repashy into the tank and my wife saw two of the corys pushing it around with their heads. So I'm half wondering if that's actually Repashy gel pasted on their little heads. That makes more sense than them both sustaining random head wounds on the same day.

They're now sitting in an un-cycled bucket that I'll have to watch like a hawk, due to my quarantine tank being used at present. It's like they know when you have nowhere to put them... who knew fishkeeping could be so much fun?


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I am no expert, but it looks like it might be "Hole in the Head" disease. These links might help determine if that is your issue. Good luck!




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8 hours ago, Pookies Aquatics said:

I have never heard of corydoras getting hole in the head disease.

It could definitely be the repashi. That would explain them both getting it. do the red spots look like they are slightly protruding from the corys?

No protrusions on the redness, just seems to be under the skin. The other corys are lacking that redness and instead seem more colored up (for their type, anyway). I'm wondering if this is a parasite that was missed in my treatment a few weeks ago.

Since this morning they've picked up again, so I'll keep an eye on them. Thanks for the input!

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