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Betta with Popeye; Maracyn+ Maracyn 2 no effect


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Hi all, and happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! I'm hoping for some help with my Betta. He's got popeye, one eye very big with a thick white rim, the other eye is not as big but is cloudy. I've done a round of Maracyn and then a round of both Maracyn and Maracyn 2 with zero improvement. Not really sure where to go from here other than the exotic pet hospital, which I am going to call them and see about getting him in but if anyone has any cheaper options I'm all ears.

0 ammonia




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It could be an injury to the eye and that's why it's not responding to the antibiotic medication the damage could be permanent or needs more time to heal what I would do is add some aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 3 gallons that will help reduce fluid buildup in the eye if you have live plants I would use a lower dose of salt  1 table spoon for 5 gallons for a week @BeeGryphon

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