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Rainbow shark loosing color


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Hi my rainbow shark  is losing some color and can't tell if he has just damaged a spot on himself or not would anyone have any info , I did also just redo my tank which is 120 gallon will try to add a picture. Thanks1000001058.jpg.2ccd41fa55cc3859e688d00b41b8d653.jpg17003249093193387845997114118716.jpg.b592c64d6ad44701baedb5262c4aa90f.jpg


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Thought this might help more with feed back for title
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Grace is my RTBS and I've seen her with some scrapes and discoloration. White or grey marks from nudging into her hide and rubbing on things. She is usually, and I imagine yours is the same, trying to get herself into tight areas and she's like a submarine or UFO or something where she'll hover up and down left or right, roll sideways, and tracks all over the place to get the angle she feels comfortable in.

Marks like that are pretty typical and I don't do much of anything when it's just a little scuff. At most add some salt and in some situations with a wound, use maracyn.

In your photos I see what seems like maybe your shark poked their abdomen? In that first photo especially it looks like fungus a little bit. The photo isn't sharp and it's hard to tell the texture of the wound.

I would recommend using your hand in the tank and checking for all sorts of things that may have poked the fish to cause that injury. Treatment would be salt, a week or two of ich-x, and then follow that up with maracyn.

When you do the ich-x I would dose it with the salt, wait until it clears and the water isn't blue anymore, then consider doing a water change and a second treatment. It might take 3-4 days for that to happen and the water to lose that blue tinge, but I am unsure on the timeline.

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