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Help with dosing for fin rot

Big B

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I'm new to fish ownership and needing some help. I found this forum through the comments in the below video.

Today I moved my betta fish because I saw a hole in her tail so I moved her to a hospital tank. my nitrite numbers were 1.0 so I got her out. There was nothing sharp to cause damage. She is also red and the color is dulling.

I dosed with Ich-X and Maracyn. I have an air stone going too. I know in the video it says to not follow the directions on the box for dosing. Can someone confirm if I just dose once, no water change, no food, and wait 7 days or am I supposed to dose daily?

Thanks to anyone taking the time to read this and respond.


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Cc @Chick-In-Of-TheSea has a lot of experience with a similar issue.

I would suggest ordering in some kanaplex to have on hand in case you need to try that medication.  It focuses on gram negative bacterial diseases which fin rot can fall into that category.

Salt dose: 1 TBSP per 2G
Ich-X dose: follow directions on the bottle.
Bacterial med dose (kanaplex or maracyn): Follow the directions on the package for 1 week treatment.

In terms of timeline, you will do those things over one week.  When the maracyn/kanaplex directions specify to do a water change would be when you do that water change and dose in ich-X again.

On 10/31/2023 at 5:52 PM, Big B said:

Can someone confirm if I just dose once, no water change, no food, and wait 7 days or am I supposed to dose daily?

I've always followed the directions on the box. I'll double check the statements in the video to try to get a better understanding as to why it says to ignore the directions on the package and better address your concerns.  I have treated fin rot and I've always followed the package.


Alright, so these are basically preventative treatment directions.  This is the type of thing where you would dose in meds and let them "soak" for a week in that medication.  Sometimes people do this type of treatment during their initial quarantine process.  The dosages mentioned are per the directions, but the only caveat there is that you aren't specifically adding in more of the bacterial medications daily.  The ich-X dose is the standard ich-X dose and it would be done one dose per week (per the directions) because you aren't able to change water when using marcyn.

So..... because you're actively treating something, I would advise you to follow the directions on the package.  If you're unsure what you're treating for, the approach above is useful as it is a lower overall stress on the fish.  However, most bacterial medications need to build up to a certain dose over time (like penicillin) and that's why your have a repeated dose over several days or weeks.

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