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7g Betta Nano for an Elementary Classroom

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Backstory | My Mom is an Elementary School Teacher and has had class Bettas before but they were in bowls (they did surprisingly well, most lived for about 2.5 years). When she brought up the idea of having another Betta, I jumped in and offered to setup something special. This year she's teaching 1st Grade so hopefully this will inspire some kids to get into the hobby like myself and learn about how to care for a living animal the proper way. I wanted to make this tank as low tech as possible since while my Mom does have experience with Bettas, I still wanted to make this tank easy going while giving the fish a nice life. 

Tank | UNS 30A White (7 Gallon) (the new model with the lily pipes). This tank is super clean and sleek. It's an all in one so all the filtration is in the back and the lily pipes just add to the sleekness of the new model. 

Lighting & Equipment | Twinstar 30B / Aquarium Co-op 50W Heater set to 78F / Biomedia and Pump apart of the tank

Hardscape | Spider Wood / Black Lava Rock / White Sand 

Plants | Anubias Nana 'Petite'/ Java Fern / Flame Moss

Ferts and co2 | No co2, though I am dosing Easy Green at the moment just to give the plants a boost before going to the classroom. I'll have to see if my Mom wants the easy green bottle in her class. 

Stocking | 1 Betta / I would love to add a Nerite Snail & Shrimp for clean up crew purposes + I think little kids would be pretty interested in shrimp. However it'll depend on the temperament of the Betta so hopefully it works out.

The tank is already cycled and the plants look like they're doing well. The Betta is already ordered and I'm excited to see how it'll fare in here. It should arrive next week so I'll keep this thread posted. It'll likely be another 3 weeks or so before I take the tank to the classroom so I can get the Betta adjusted and thriving + so I can test to see if he's shrimp compatible. Enjoy! (I'll get more photos later tonight)


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