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Nicole New Tank Journal

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Okay, I was nervous about posting but did my first post for introductions. I started a brand new not even a week ago and am new to the hobby as well. I have taken progress photos and want to continue to take daily photos for not only plant growth but to see how water clarity is and changing. We are going for plant heavy and create a eco system before even thinking about fish! Let me know your thoughts please!

Day 1: No plants, driftwood in, water conditioned 


Day 2: Plants! Lucked out and met some great guys that are local to me in OC, CA at King Koi. Super knowledgable and gave me some great prices. Added black background of corrugated plastic sheet (similar to foam board or cardboard but water proof). 


Day 3: waiting for everything to settle in


Day 4: Noticing some water clarity, and that I was missing an annubia nana petite on the floor and added it as quickly as I could. 


Day 5: i noticed my egerias in the back center were yellow and have a bit of tannins in the water. Nitrates were 5-10pm and weren’t really established, added fertilizer to up nitrates to see how the plants handle since they’re not getting enough nutrients before doing a water changes. 

Day 13...I think, into week two regardless lol...Maybe two plant casualties, some annubias quite literally melted away BUT I found a few snails which I am very happy to have something living in it. Started Dr. Tim's ammonia cycle and have some algae growth due to high nitrates. Was able to dose ammonia again due to levels being 0 ppm. Also noticing growth on the moneywort and roots on the floating plants that have since been planted for background and the side. 



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Welcome. Thank you for sharing your journey. 
I find creating a living full ecosystem where microfauna is thriving the best way to start tanks. I find I have the least issues with fish settling in. 
Great job on taking your time. That tank looks amazing already. I always really admire well placed aquascapes even though I do t have an eye to do them myself. 

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