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Ziss bubble filter


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Well bacteria no matter the filter pretty much establishes at the same rate. (Some are better than others but really it is normally minor differences) 

Bacteria according to a study replicated every 16 hours in ideal conditions. Assuming our aquariums are ideal but not perfect let's say more likely 24 hours for the bacteria to double. So in theory around 24-48 hours depending on the increased bioload and lag time for bacteria to make its way into the filter. 

Realistically though I normally say around a week. Gives 24 hours to get bacteria in it. That needs around 24 hours to double. And because it's not perfect it make need to double many more times to reach the load of the tank. But it all depends on bioload and many other factors you can't really take into consideration.

When I was converting to a ziss filter in my goldfish pond from a standard sponge I waited a week and had no changes in my ammonia and nitrite. 

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