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I having no luck trying to clean water marks off acrilic/clear plastic tank lid. ALL HELP WELCOME !.


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Now let me first start by saying I dust a room by taking my eye glasses off and the dust disappears. I'm not "in to" cleaning, but I have a problem. I have an older tank lid with cut outs lined with clear plastic that have water marks on them. I want to use the lid, but am worried about the amount of light that will be blocked by this grime.

I tried the hose. I tryed straight white vinagar and rinsed with the hose. I tryed Fritz glass & acrylic cleaner. I'm wondering if baking soda might scratch the plastic/acryilic.  Anyone out that have any luck with this sort of stuff? I think the tank might have been salt water before I go it. I don't know if that latters.

All ideas very welcome!

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Honestly I wouldn’t use any abrasive not specified for use on acrylic. Plastic is soft and micro abrasions can leave that unwanted “cut” look you see sometimes on cars in the sun.


An e-cloth or something of similar quality microfiber will be fine. Also it is 8 million times better on glass than windex or other glass cleaners. I despise the residue they leave behind.


if it still doesnt come out id go to tap plastics or amazon and order acrylic polish and buff. I like this stuff:


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