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So I guess I can't stop looking and sharing, I am so surprised everyone tells me that a female barb is always going to be pale but what do you think about mine she has been with me for more then two years, I guess it maybe the food I got from aquarium co-op.

O look at my otocinculs and my dwarf briselnose pleco.

 O and I got two new babies they are white balloon mollies gifted to me as fry and they are biggggg.IMG_20230929_141841.jpg.041eee6e1dd8acf272a7834843ddb210.jpg










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Good I was not able to see my otocinculs and my pleco but I put catalpa leafs in the tanks and they love them and I can see them more, the balloons are getting big and the pea pufferfish Fishy McFish is good and so are all the rest I was thinking of rescaping Fishy's tank but I think I should leave it as is or not sure. What do you 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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