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panda guppy fungus


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Discovered this panda guppy female with white fluffy protrusion on the left part of her mouth.

@Colu, can you watch the video?

Put her in quarantine and started Jungle Fungus Clear and Maracyn.

Is there more I should do in qt? I feel like I should add kanamycin.

Should I proactively dose the display tank with something like ich-x and maracyn/kanamycin/maracyn 2? Will have to remove shrimp, won't I?

Other details:

Tank is 1 month 10 days old.

After we discovered the sick guppy, my daughter performed 50% water change in the 10g display tank, though water was tested within acceptable ranges 2 days ago. Nitrates were 40ppm because we had dosed Easy Green.

The 3 panda guppies moved into the display tank 3 weeks ago. Five younger guppies and 1 cherry shrimp were in there 4 days before the pandas. So, total of 8 adult-sized guppy.

An additional amano shrimp was added 10 days ago. The most recent addition was a 25 day old panda guppy fry.

Some 20 guppy fry (likely from panda guppies) were born a week ago.


Measurements below:Screenshot_20230923-222143.png.467b72f3e07a6576df194188bd9da9b2.pngScreenshot_20230923-222242.png.d2e24b3c049a7ef9002f726f236f96ed.pngScreenshot_20230923-222249.png.23bd49c509ee1e0db850dad47d6b1d6a.pngScreenshot_20230923-222307.png.4ac64011e19b77f27a483afaf0593878.png


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