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37 liter fish tank stocking ideas


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Hey guys,

I have a 37 liter tank that’s in my living room prime place . It currently has my group of 5 daisy rice fish in . I will later wanting to add some new additions to the tank . I really like how my other rice fish breed so I would to stock with something that I can breed . 

I was think some bottom dwellers maybe Corydoras . I was also thinking maybe a trio of guppies But I am interested to hear what other people would add to the tank . 

Many thanks 

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On 9/15/2023 at 9:27 AM, Minifish said:

48.8 x 26.8 x 38.6Cm 

Thats actually 50 liters! You can find it by multiplying all in cm and dividing it by 1000. Ofc thats the fully filled empty tank liter but still.

Considering your ricefish stocking, you better be leaning towards nano fish that like colder temps as the ideal range is mentioned as 16-22C. That puts a lot of fish out of the stocking plan for that tank size. I wouldn't consider guppies in such setup. They can more like survive in cold water, but they will become inactive, won't breed much and won't thrive.  22C is again the lowest for guppys I think.


Considering small corydoras, seriouslyfish recommends;

22C lowest for pandas and pygmys

20C lowest for hastatus and habrosus(salt and pepper).

I would lean towards the ones that can go down to 20 in order to not force ones upper limit and another's lowest limit. 


For these ranges, you can consider one hillstream loach or one borneo sucker too. Also I would do some shrimp. 


5xrice fish, 10xhastatus or habrosus, 1 hillstream loach or borneo sucker and some neocaridinas would be my stocking. I would set the temp to 21C. 

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On 9/15/2023 at 11:17 AM, Minifish said:

Thank you for the suggestions . I actually keep my daisy rice fish at 25c.  23 is the lowest as they prefer warmer temperatures than the medaka . 

Many thanks 

I havent seen the daisy there! My bad. Then yes you are right you can keep tropical ones too

I would go for any pygmy cories at that point. I wouldn't crowd the water column more myself as pygmy cories also swim there too from time to time. 


25C is fine for borneos in my experience if you have good oxygenation. I assume it works the same for hillstreams too. 

Lastly maybe you can consider a mystery snail? They are the cutest 🙂 

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