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Hi, I am about to set up a temporary quarantine tank to host new guppy fish I am planning to buy soon. I need a little help with it.

I have bought a sponge filter (that I modified with an airstone inside)

New heater

10-gallon tank

Air pump.

I would like to wait and observe the fish first to see if they develop any symptoms, and if they do, buy the medication they will need.

Do I have to cycle my quarantine tank or how can I manage the quarantine tank uncycled?

My main tank is cycled now. population 1 Guppy male and 1 Mystery snail.

I would not like to add live plants to the quarantine tank because some medications could kill some plants.

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For a single guppy you could just do a fish-in cycle.  Test the water often and do water changes as needed to keep the ammonia and nitrites low.

You don't need the heater, assuming the tank is in your house.  I don't have heaters in my guppy tanks, and the room temperature ranges from 60° at night during the winter to 75° during the day in summer.

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