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Low Maintenance Nano Background Plant Recommendations

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Hello everyone,

I’m looking for recommendations on background plants for my rimless 17 gallon aquarium. I currently have the back loaded up with Rotala Orange Juice and they are beautiful when healthy and trimmed, but require a lot of upkeep/trimming/replanting. Any recommendations on something that would be lower maintenance but would still fill the background? My original thought was Amazon sword, but I think that would end up growing far too big for the aquarium and would end up shading out my mid and foreground plants. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! I am dosing EI, run high light Twinstar lights, and pressurized co2. (I realize that a high tech approach probably limits my low maintenance options, but I’m curious for suggestions). Thanks!

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On 9/8/2023 at 10:41 AM, JettsPapa said:

I agree that a sword would get too large.  I'm a big fan of crypts, and there are some varieties that get large enough to make good background plants.  Cryptocoryne usteriana and Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia are my current favors, and both would be good choices.

@JettsPapa awesome, thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check them out. I’ve had better luck with crypts in low light, do you think these would be alright under high light?

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I don't have first hand experience with either of Cryptocoryne spiralis or vallisineria, but they might work. The val would likely have you pulling runners, which might be too high maintenance for what you're going for.

I do have experience with Aponogeton crispus; you'll need to thin and prune leaves but it's quite a simple job.

Maybe a Madagascar lace?

Edit: oh yeah, what if you just got a big, mature Java fern? It's slow growing but still has a real presence, and if you get a narrow leaf or trident variety, depending on your hardscape, you can probably arrange it to be fairly vertical.

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